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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  December 20, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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contacted by women or i only want to be contacted by gay men, whoever makes you comfortable. >> reporter: and whatever makes you comfortable. >> you can hire somebody to come do your laundry because you just don't feel like doing it. >> reporter: lucy hopes someone hires her friendship for a visit to a senior care home, but in the meantime she's flexible. >> the poor boy who says he has a hot prom date and doesn't, he can actually just get on there and find a hot older prom date to go with him. i would totally do that. >> reporter: lucy's phone just started blowing up. in orlando david martin, fox 5 news. >> i don't even have a comment for that one. the news keeps coming. here's brian now with the news edge at 11:00. we'll begin with a developing story, a dancer with ties to the washington redskins has disappeared in las vegas. debbie flores narvaez has been missing since sunday. investigators have found her abandoned car. now they're digging through phone records for clues as they try to track her down. fox 5's wisdom martin joins us
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now with the story. >> debbie lived in baltimore and got her law degree. she was a redskins ambassador from 2007 to 2008, but wanted to be a dancer and headed to las vegas. sadly tonight she is missing and family members are making a plea for her safe return. after nearly a decade as a financial analyst debbie flores narvaez left baltimore two years ago for vegas to pursue her career as a dancer and model. her sister. >> this is what she does is dancing. she left her career to follow her dream. >> reporter: the law school graduate and former redskins ambassador did follow her dream and become a vegas show girl. she was last seen december 12th leaving her home to visit her ex-boyfriend. that night she was even around 7:30 leaving the onyx apartments in vas lesion just a few blocks from the luxor hotel. two days later her roommate reported her missing when she
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did not show up for practice at the luxor where she was scheduled to star in the show fantasy. >> i can't make anything of this right now. it's not her. it's not her to go missing. it's not her to take a small vacation like this. >> reporter: police found her 1997 chevy prism with no plates abandoned in northeast section of vegas last week. the resident who reported the car said it had been sitting there several days. >> they found a small bag in the vehicle. it's not confirmed that it's her purse. it looks like it's pretty much a makeup bag. >> reporter: her sister said police are looking through phone records retracing her sister's steps. >> right now there are some leads into a couple people, not for certain who they are. they're kind of looking into every possible lead. >> reporter: while it is an active investigation, police say at this point there is no evidence a crime has been committed. >> i'm going to do my part and do what i have to do to find her. >> reporter: now syleste says there was a bad break-up but
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her sister would not under any circumstances go away and not tell anyone. the news edge on d.c. now where the search is on tonight for the gunman who shot and killed a store clerk in front of his wife and son. raj patel and his family ran the newton food mart near catholic university where patel was murdered saturday night. fox 5's laura evans has the latest on the developing story. >> this right here is the flyer police released a few hours ago. it offers $25,000 for information leading to the arrest of whoever shot raj patel dead right in front of his wife and son on saturday. a memorial is now set up in that brooklyn neighborhood where the shop is, people stopping by throughout the day today leaving notes, stuffed animals and other momentos. patel was very well known in the community. people say he was warm, friendly and they are stunned by the news of his murder. >> it's really disturbing because this is one of those open markets. this has a kind of been one of the community friendly stores,
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no plexiglass, none of that, just a good family oriented store. walked from the back from the information i've received. i guess the robbery was in progress. very little was said. the guy turned around and shot him and that tells you right now ha these guys had very vicious and ma -- that these guys had very vicious and malicious intents. >> this murder happened at 6:30 p.m. saturday. the store is in the 3600 block of 12th street northeast. police say mr. patel was not armed. he did not resist. we do understand part of the robbery may have been caught on surveillance camera. so investigators are looking into that. of course, if you know anything about who may have done this, police would like to hear from you. >> we know somebody out there knows something and will come forward. fire investigators still trying to determine the source of an explosion and fire that leveled a chantilly, virginia home. neighbors suspect a gas leak. some complained of smelling gas in the area near lee's corner road last night. firefighters were in the area to check out a possible leak
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and then neighbors say they heard that loud blast. >> it was an explosion. my mom and i ran outside. neighbors all ran outside. two of my neighbors ran into the house. we called 911. it happened so fast. >> no one was home in the house that exploded. the fire was so intense it melted the siding of the adjacent homes. neighbors tell us the home that exploded had recently been remodeled. the search is on tonight for the killer of a teenager in burke, virginia. shawn yancy is everywhere at 11:00. >> police are trying to find the person who killed 19-year- old jahid bobby. the young man's body was found yesterday not far from his home in the park. investigators are trying to figure out if he was targeted or knew his killers. he was a student at north virginia community college. police are asking anyone with information to call them. the virginia woman accused of throwing her 2-year-old granddaughter off the skywalk in tysons corner will remain in
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jail for christmas. carmela de la rosa was charged with murder. her granddaughter died after she dropped the girl off the elevated walkway. overseas police rounded up a dozen it terror suspect in four british cities today. they've been under surveillance for weeks now. the men are believed to be linked to terror networks in pakistan and bangladesh. british investigators believe they were plotting major attacks inside the uk. a local mother reaches her boiling point after her son's service dog is given the boot. >> it's been heartwrenching. let's just say the last three weeks have really put me into a slump. >> find out why this godsend for a child suffering from epilepsy is being kept out of an elementary school. first a quick check of our rundown. the news edge will be right back. this is fox 5 news edge at
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11:00. hi, my name is melanie mcneil. i'm sending a message out to my mom and godmother in capitol heights in the washington d.c. area, want to say happy, happy holidays. i love you. i miss you. i'll see you soon and mama, send me a banana pudding. bye! 
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a fairfax county family is heartbroken and wants to keep their child's service dog with him at all times even at school. the dog can detect and respond to the seizures of 12-year-old andrew stevens, but the county said the dog cannot be in class. fox 5's stacey cohan has more. >> >> reporter: this is andrew stevens classroom, a chair, a table and mom learning even sitting still being tough for this 12-year-old and the few years ago -- and a few years ago his family found out why.
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andrew suffers from lennoz- gastaut syndrome. >> that is a very rare form of epilepsy where they have multiple types of seizures that are not controlled by medication. >> reporter: for years nancy kept andrew home terrified for her son's safety, but finally decided he should return to public school. a doctor suggested a service dog. a few weeks ago after a two- year wait alliya joined the family. she's trained to alert when andrew is having or is about to have a seizure and there's something else. implanted in andrew's upper chest also connected him to this dog is something. >> it's kind of hike a pacemaker underneath a pocket of -- like a pacemaker underneath a pocket of his skin and it send off a electronic shock to his brain. >> reporter: alliya wears a magnet around her collar and alerts to seizures by sniffing andrew's face thus swiping the magnet across his face and hopefully reducing the seizure's effect. it was a perfect match until
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fairfax county said ally grass not welcome at belvoir elementary saying -- alliya was not welcome at belvoir elementary saying the requirements have not been met. >> they say he has to be a certified handler. he has a disability. he has a seizure condition. if he has a seizure, won't be able to handle the dog and the other thing is you have to be able to do what the dog can do and i kept telling them can you sense a seizure and they just skip over that. >> reporter: nancy stevens isn't giving up. she's called every local official and is fighting based on the americans with disabilities act, but the battle is taking its toll. >> it's been heartwrenching. the last three weeks have really put me into a slump. >> reporter: a contacted the fairfax county public school system. they would not comment but e- mailed me a set of guidelines for service dogs and told me although there are no service dogs currently in the fairfax county public school system that there have been in the past as long as their requirements were met. in the newsroom i'm stacey cohan, fox 5 news.
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he caused an uproar after writing a how to guide for pedophiles. we'll tell you why this colorado man is now facing obscenity charges in another state. plus it's not the vacation they had in mind. hundreds of airline passengers end up stranded after a snowfall bringing britain to a standstill. and a new york jets player is being sued by a seahawks fan. shaun ellis watching it coming in from the left and bam, a big old chunk of snow into the stands after the jets are eliminated from the playoffs by seattle back in 2008. robert larson, a seahawks season ticket holder, was on the receiving end of that toss. he says he suffered serious physical and emotional pain, no word on how much money he's seeking. ♪
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a colorado man who sparked outrage when he wrote a how to guide for pedophiles is in custody tonight. phillip greaves is heading to florida to face obscenity charges. he waived his right to fight extradition earlier today. authorities say in florida greaves sold his book directly to an undercover deputy. >> our statute tells us clearly that you cannot engage or depict children in a harmful relationship and that's layman's terms. he did that. >> police say greaves even autographed the book. greaves is being held in the county jail. you may recall he attempted to sell his book on, but the website pulled it when it was obviously a source of many complaints. the benefits of
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breastfeeding and an amazing spectacle in the shy, shawn yancy back with your fox 5 -- sky, shawn yancy back with your fox 5 top five. >> no. 5, silver spring's brand-new ice skating rink is now open. the outdoor rink is at veterans plaza at the corner of fenton street and ellsworth avenue. it's open seven days a week, costs $7 for two hours, but kid under 12 and adults 55 and older, eight bucks for everyone else, skate rental $4. no. 4, you already know breastfeeding is best. a new study shows breast fed babies may have an academic edge over bottle fed babies, especially boys. australian researchers found babies breast fed for six months or more do better in math, reading, spelling and writing. no. 3, a brand-new metrobus route with fewer stops could get you downtown faster. the limited stop x9 metro route runs between the capitol heights station and 13th and eighth street northwest running every 15 minutes.
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no. 2, don't grab echinacea at the first sign of a cold. a new study shows it won't help you get better sooner. echinacea is marketed as a product that helps the immune system fight off infection. researchers say there is no cure for the common cold. no. 1 is a holiday treat for all you stargazers. set your alarm clocks so you can be up and outside around 2:41 a.m. you should be able to see the only total eclipse of the moon this year and for many, many years, in fact. it may appear a little darker than usual. it it may have a glow or a red or brownish color to it. by the way, during a lunar eclipse the full moon passes through the shadow created by the earth blocking out the sun. i'm sure sue will be talking about that in a few minutes. that's a look at tonight's fox 5 top five. some passengers trying to get home for the holidays are still stuck at london's heathrow airport. a massive snowstorm closed the
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airport on saturday. some flights took off today, but there's still a huge backlog from hundreds of weekend cancellations. passengers are trying to make the best of a bad situation. >> this is the place to get married the 27th of december. we've been stuck here 24 hours. no offer of a hotel, taxi, no way home. we're going to sit and wait it out, see what happens. >> wonder if they thought weather would be a problem for a december 27th wedding. about 5 inches of snow caused all this, londoners not used to that much snow falling. airport authorities are hoping things get back to normal in the next couple days. look at the pictures and it looks like they don't even plow the runways. >> parts of england had 10 inches. the same thing that's keeping us cold is keeping them stormy, too. it's very unusual for them to get that much snow. my daughter is leaving for london in a couple weeks and it's like oh, brother. we've got the lunar eclipse tonight and clear skies at the moment, hoping to keep clouds
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at bay. it won't keep the cold at bay. set your alarm for the middle of the night like i do, make sure you have your layers with you or catch the pictures in the early morning. what's unusual is for this eclipse of the moon to be occurring on the same day as the winter solstice, but we will likely have another eclipse real soon. i wanted you to see while we have the clear skies now, we don't have to look too far out to our west to find another clipper system racing in our direction. this will largely miss us, but if you've driving down through southwest virginia you might see that, maybe some freezing rain tomorrow and couldn't rule out a few flurries later tonight even from this big batch sliding just south of our area in the next 24 hours. oaf to the weather headlines again and get you -- over to the weather headlines again and get you started with what to expect the next few days. the lunar eclipse begins tonight at 1:30 and will be in its total phase from about 2:40 to 3:50 and the moon may take on a coppery color or become very black.
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winter officially begins tomorrow, although most people would say it began december 2nd here. we could see a few flurries tomorrow. the clipper passes by to our south and it's still looking like we may have a white christmas here, as in snow falling beginning in the overnight hours and on the ground by christmas morning. right now still looks smallish, but we need to continue to watch it as we get closer to christmas day, we'll be able to get all those details. if you have travel plans, christmas day or night may have accumulating snow. 21 degrees in warrenton, 24 in washington. it will be a cold night indeed to check out that lunar eclipse, but also the breeze continues to try to hang in there. it will be out of the northwest at about 10 to 15 and could be a few flurries down to our south and west. tomorrow may be a passing flurry, not a big deal, 36 degrees. winds still out of the northwest at 15. a lot of people talking about the breezes. it's kind of atlantaless this
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december. generally it will be a cloud -- relentless this december. generally it will be a cloudy chilly day. we hope those clouds stay at bay for the eclipse. by noon mostly cloudy, fairly cloudy at 4:00 and there could be a couple flurries around then. it's chilly tonight, temperature down to 31 degrees in the district, but many other spots in the mid-20s accidenten as cold as we've seen it other -- 20s, not as cold as we've seen it other nights. wind chills are in the teens. that's what you want to prepare for in the morning. here your five-day forecast. tomorrow's forecast 36 degrees. wednesday and thursday fairly settled, possibly early morning flurries on thursday. most of christmas eve day friday will be just cloudy. if we get light snow, it will be in overnight hours into christmas day and i'd say it's a 50/50 chance for accumulating snow on christmas. we'll continue to watch that for you. dave feldman is talking about what's happening out at maryland. we have the details when we return.
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good morning, i'm dave feldman, ralph friedgen out after 10 seasons at maryland, forced out by a new athletic director, but the coach will receive $2 million to cover the final year of his contract. he tallied seven bowl appearances during his 10 year run. he was acc coach of the year twice including this year. according to the athletic director kevin anderson, the departure of maryland's coach in waiting weighed heavily in the decision.
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>> when james franklin was named the head football coach at vanderbilt university and through discussions that i had with coach friedgen, he made it very clear he didn't want to be a lame duck coach and that we both realized that putting him in the football program in that position we would have a hard time retaining and a tracking coaches and student athletes. wizards guard john wall has a bone bruise in his right knee and tonight missed his 11th game of the season no, word how long he'll be out. meanwhile rashard lewis said hello to the d.c. media. >> milt goal is to try to get this team -- my ultimate goal is to try to get this team in the playoffs and i think that should be goal and to help these guys grow and be a veteran in the locker room by -- not by voice, but most definitely by example. >> lewis and his new teammate john wall cheering on the squad tonight as the wizards hosted the charlotte bobcats. 1st quarter wiz up 11. nick young nice take and splits
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the defenders, young with a team high 21, wiz up 50-45 at the break. the wizards would outscore the bobcats 25-4 to open the 3rd quarter including line rich's pullup jumper. wiz -- line rich's pullup jumper. -- line rich's pullup jumper. gilbert arenas nailing a three-pointer, 2-11 from the field. fill lynn daniels is out for the season with abdomen -- phillip daniels is out for the season with abdomen, grown issues. brian orakpo will be evaluated later in the week after hurting his groin. rex grossman had his first start as a redskin. he threw for 322 yards, the second highest total of his career. of course, his team lost to dallas 33-30, but the redskins did score a season high 30 points.
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>> we'll get a chance to see what he can do in game situations playing three good teams and when it's live bullets, we'll see how he performs. >> you can never be fully happy without a victory, but, you know, i'm glad we got a chance to move the ball and put up some points. bears and vikings playing at university of minnesota's football stadium after the snowy roof collapse at the metrodome and guess, what 4 inches of snow tonight. bears up 27 in the 3rd. devin hester returns it 64 yards for the score, his 14th career return for the touchdown breaking the nfl record he previously shared with former redskin brian mitchell. right now the bears lead 40-14 in the 4th. in college hoops american defeats mount st. mary's 69-64 and uva squeaks by norfolk state 50-4th 9. i'm dave feldman. brian is -- 50-49. i'm dave feldman. brian is back with more of the
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edge right after this. have a good night. 
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her career certainly had a renaissance. betty white 88 years young still going strong has just been named the associated press entertain are of the year. white started out the year accepting a -- entertainer of the y


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